The park

Typical of English-style parks designed in the neighbouring estates during the 18th century, they were slowly becoming attractive and very charming places to stay, the park du Plessis-Anjou covers approximately 37 acres mainly composed of:

- A Hundred of years old forest with diversified species: oak trees and chestnut trees, for production, Lebanese or Himalayan cedar trees, copper beech trees, Austrian black pine trees, and tulip trees for decoration and ennoblement of the site.

- Surrounding the main building you will find gently curved natural lawns patched with flowerbeds with their blossoming carefully planned to comply with colours and seasons.

- Enclosed gardens still displaying today the rose garden with more than a hundred different species and the fruit trees for concoction of desserts and local spirits.

- And finally the kitchen garden, the essential supplement in rural life and priceless guarantee for offering fresh and unctuous delicacies at the table d’hôtes.

During your stroll in such blessed places, you will imperceptibly come close to a lovely set of outhouses, testimony of the farming activities on the lands, that will show you as well as all the inevitable domestic constraints pertaining to the upkeep of such an estate, a small poultry-yard(from which all the roosters have been gratefully removed to ensure the quality of your sleep!).