You will experience this old hunting art. In the middle of a pack of hounds with the sounds of hunting horns you will be riding your horse accompanied by a huntsman. He will tell you all the secrets and subtleties of deer hunting in those magnificent forests of Anjou. You will stay in the Château du Plessis, a charming 16th and 17th century castle surrounded by a large 34 acre park with hundred-year old trees where you will enjoy the charm of bygone days with all the modern comfort.

Chasse a courre

Program of your stay :

Arrival in the evening at the Château du Plessis the day before.
Gourmet's menu.
Beginning of the hunt(a picnic is planned).
Fox hunting.
Dinner at a hunting house or in a restaurant.
Back to the Château du Plessis
The next day, after lunch at the castle, the whip will show you around the kennel. Anjou Wine will be served afterwards.

Dates of availability :

On Tuesdays and Saturdays between mid-October and late March.

Hunting venues :

According to the team planning.

Rates :

Please consult us